Daemos Symbol
Daemos Intera

Daemos Normal

Daemos TrueEyes

Daemos Shades

Daemos Shades TrueEyes

Daemos Prospit

Daemos GodTier

Daemos Talksprite Normal

Daemos Talksprite TrueEyes

Daemos Talksprite Shades

Daemos Talksprite Shades TrueEyes

if(1_l1ke_y0u), then_y0u_may_l1ve.
<br />
else(y0u_w1ll_d1e). 1t_really_1s_th@_s1mple.


Bard of Doom


8 Alternian Solar Sweeps (17 Earth years)


viralOmnipotency (#54543F)

Typing Style

Normal: Replaces 'I' and 'O' with 1 and 0, respectively, and replaces spaces with underscores. Replaces the word 'and' and 'at' with && and @. 'And' and 'at' sounds within words become '&' and '@'. No capitalization.
Console: While speaking through the Trollian console, works lots of HTML script face into his text (i.e: if(clause 1, clause 2), else(clause 3).) All normally hidden text becomes visible (<br />, this.end, etc.). Normal quirks only come through when not speaking 'HTML words', which appear in proper HTML colours. Normal text appears in black.


The capital Greek letter sigma (Σ).

Associated Game

Homestuck (INCEPTION)

Strife Specibi

$var(*)kind - A hacked modus that he (supposedly) built himself.

Fetch Modus

His sylladex functions without a modus, working like a standard adventure game inventory (so basically, Array Modus). He doesn't even need captchalogue cards, the items simply show up on a list in his sylladex.


Drizzd D'Urden - Best friend (cahoooots!)
The F1rst Adv1s0ry - Ancestor

Lives in

Pre-Death: A communal hive stem, apparently the same one as Sollux.
Post-Death: After being killed by his own experiments, he was forced to live on Prospit full-time. This presented major problems when entering the game.


Land of Carbon and Encryption (Pre-Flux)
Land of Caverns and Eyes (Post-Flux)


Coding, genetic experiments, fucking with shit that shouldn't be fucked with, conformity.


The powers that be.

> Be the intense hacker.Edit

t0_call_my_ab1l1t1es_'hack1ng'_w0uld_be_an_ 1nsult,_y0u_1ns1gn1f1cant_waste_0f_flesh._1_ am_the_sc0urge_0f_c0mputers_everywhere._ f1rewalls_and_spyb0ts_quake_1n_my_gl0r10us_ shad0w._y0ur_1nfer10r_pan_c0uld_never_even_ beg1n_t0_c0ntempl@e_the_vast_0cean_0f_ st0rage_th@_1s_my_m1nd._1_d1sm1ss_y0u_0ut_ 0f_sheer_p1ty._g0,_bef0re_1_dec1de_y0u_are_ n0t_w0rthy_0f_my_mercy.

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