Venkos Shalox

Venrikos Shalinox

Venkos Shalox


Indigo blooded Landdweller (#800080)

Typing Quirk

<font color=#800080A, c, e, g, i, k, m, o, q, s, u, w, y are always capitalized, occasionally uses punctuation.

Fetch Modus

Back Pants Pockets

Strife Specibus

pimpstickKind, fistKind, eyelaserKind, biteKind


Triple-eared Hare(Lusus)

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Gent of Speed


Land of Stairs and Fire

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?






Be Mr. Fancypants

Your name is Venkos Shalox.

You are a FANCY GENTLEMAN who is unusually COURTEOUS to everyone you meet. Because of a HORRIBLE ACCIDENT during a STRIFE, you have a PROSTHETIC LEG and a MECHANICAL EYE. Your MECHANICAL EYE can fire HIGH-POWERED LASER BLASTS. You walk with a LIMP, so you use a PIMP STICK to compensate. You have an uncanny intrest in EXPLOSIVES and you like to make them, although sometimes they explode in your face. You know much more than you're supposed to, commonly confusing OTHER PEOPLE when you talk to them. Your trollTag is vividlyShagadelic and you have A tEndAnCY tO CApItAlIzE EvErY OthEr lEttEr Of thE AlphAbEt.


Venkos has a heavy sense of style, often times going out of his way to look fancy. Being purple blooded, he is "expected" in a sense to be rude and cold-shouldered to lower castes, but he refuses to do so, stating that, "It is a waste of effort and potential allies". He is proper, being courteous to everyone he talks to. He is found to be popular among trolls because of his gentlemanly demeanor. Trolls who believe strongly in the caste system try to make him agree with them, but this merely aggravates him, causing him to FLIP THE FUCK OUT. Due to him being aggrivatable, during one of his strifes his right leg was horribly mangled and his right eye was destroyed. He compensated by constructing a prosthetic leg and creating a mechanical eye, which has the power to fire high-power lasers.

He walks with a limp due to his injuries, so he uses a pimpstick to support himself. He also uses it to fight. Despite his one real leg, he is extremely agile and quick when fighting. Venkos has a nasty habit of biting others spontaneously.




Venkos did not enter the Medium under normal circumstances; instead of being hosted by a client, he refused to join the game. Without a client he wouldn't have been able to get into the Medium, so he wrote his own entry program and entered the Medium haphazardly. As a consequence of not playing SGRUB, his land was the Land of Stairs and Fire, forcing him to make ice and put it in his hat. His hat was not properly introduced, as no one had the idea he even had a hat in the first place. He also had a lot of trouble getting to his first gate, considering the fact that he has leg problems and that he also knew about the well-known warning about stairs. He knew about stairs, bro! He knew it dog!

It could also be speculated that he knows much more about everything than he's supposed to, mentioning MSPA Forums several times in conversations, always confusing the other person.


  • His symbol is a lowercase greek omega letter.


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