Likllu Pont'caa



Blood/Text color



She just keeps talking and talking and talking and she looooooves~ to get to know eeeverybooody~

Strife Specibus





Big Ol' Owl







The big spire in the middle

>Be the happy, energetic, shipperEdit

Your name is Likllu Pont'caa. You are an extremely strange troll, by normal society measurements. You almost never hate, or shout, or become violent. You solve your problems through discussion and (occasionally) through manipulating third parties. You understand other trolls need to be angry and violent, and sometimes act as a verbal punching bag for your closer friends. Your hobbies are few, but dedicated, involving mostly NOTE KEEPING, LONG WINDED SOLILOQUIES, and INFORMED DISCUSSIONS. Sometimes, you have a habit of talking to objects around you, just to hear your voice. Your voice is actually rather attractive, capable of quieting angry Lusii.

Examine RoomEdit

Your room is covered in paper. Everything you've ever written is kept in your computer as well as everywhere else. The stairs that lead upwards line the walls. (more later)

Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

Your sheild is solid and strong. No one's hurting anybody while you're here!

Examine SylladexEdit

Your modus is VocalModus, and it's exactly as it sounds. You must speak out, very loudly and clearly, what you want to store or take.

Examine AbilitiesEdit


You can write anything! You take so many notes, so as never to forget anything, ever.


You pair everybody with everybody. And some of them come true! Heeheeheeeeee

Your Voice!Edit

You have the most beautiful voice the world will ever see! If you add just the right tone, anyone will do what you say, cuase you are tricky like that! Though, it's hard to talk to people who don't like you... You are quite sure this is not a power, in any way. You are pretty sure you would know if it was.



  • She just looooooves~ to talk to people. Especially if she can get some information about their roooomaaaance~
  • Sheee~ tends to talk in a siiiiiing~ sooooong~ voice when she's soooooooo haaaaapppyyyyy~


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