Flypar Equoit

VolansBrachypterus Constellation

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Flypar Equoit


Purple blooded Landdweller (#494592)

Typing Quirk

Repraces 'l's with 'r's, and occasionally copies other's text colors.

Fetch Modus

Spelling Modus(To retrieve items, the user must submit an anagram of the item's name.)

Strife Specibus



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Knight of Void


Land of Wind and Waves

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?





OK. You are Flypar Equoit.

You have no idea why your name is Flypar, it is just your name. Most call you Fly.

You are a troll. It means you have to be a mean bitch on the internet.

What? You don't have feelings? Well, moving on.

==> You have habits.

You often look at the sky and by COINCIDENCE see Volans. COINCIDENCE.

You have downloaded Trollian.

You have no special typing color and sometimes imitate the other chatter.

==> Continue going to Trollian

You cannot type the L. You replace it with an R. Rike this. Right here.

See what I am doing? You shourd do that do. Oh wait, you arready do.

And you know why? Because you can't say it either.

> Go do stuff already.

Your name is Fly and your trolltag is volansBrachypterus.

What stuff is this crazy fuck going to do?

==> Meetup with others.

NO. You have NO INTENTION of MEETING UP with the others.

You have your own BUSINESS. You decide to CAPTCHALOGUE a fruit basket.

==> Captcha what?

What? You forgot your FETCH MODUS? Your FETCH MODUS is SPELLING MODUS. In SPELLING MODUS, You have to type an ANAGRAM of the thing you are SEARCHING. An example: "SUPER SWORD" could become "PERUS WORDS". It doesn't make sense, but NEITHER DO YOU.


He doesn't show his emotions oftenly. Some think he's a robot sent by the imperials. His weapon of choice is sword, which is representative of his self-described "calm but fast" attitude.


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  • His associated Constellation is the Flying Fish, and his horns (and actual appearance) are in development.
  • He doesn't have a special typing color, but sometimes imitates the color of the person he is chatting with. He also may just use any random color he prefers.
  • His name and Trolltag are derived from Parexocoetus Brachypterus, the latin name for Flying Fish, and Volans, the latin name for the constellation that represents a Flying Fish. 


  • A dead Fly.

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