Veiara symbol
Veiara Axelis


Veiara dream

Veiara god

you fOOls!!! i am DOOm incarnaTeD!!


Maid of Doom


6.3 Sweeps (14 Earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

capitale D, O and T everytime


double handed axe

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Julius Ceasar mode (an item is capthalogued with the first letter of the name codified with the previous third letter (example Sword----->S>R>Q>P so is capthaloged as a object with P) to retrieve you must do the reserve process (example P>Q>R>S------>Sword)


Lusus: Carnifex (warrior giant-like beast)

Auspitice: Galiex Crucis & Norvei Megiex

Matesprit/kismesis: Teurix Davasi

Her Admirable Andraste: Ancestor

Goethi Axelis: Dancestor


Combat, FLARP, screwing up things


not combative people


 Kill Zone


Be the Warrior Troll

Your name is VEIARA AXELIS and you are a COMBATIVE troll of the YELLOW blood caste, yep... you are a pretty VIOLENT troll for someone of your caste you know... highbloods tend to be MORE VIOLENT than lowbloods, but you are some KIND of SPECIAL case, that is what brought you to be hated by EVERYONE, they think you are too much COMBATIVE and you tend to SCREW THINGS UP every time which isn't good as you are AUSPITICING a relationship and SCREWING UP quadrants it's not a good thing.

While you are not FLARPING, you like to COMBAT against your LUSUS, she's pretty STRONG, but you know... having a LUSUS that looks and behaves like some kind of GIANT HIGHBLOOD of the WORST kind it's pretty self explanatory.

Your screenName is warriorArcane, what are you gonna do?


Write a third person summary of your Troll's personality here.


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Write a bit here about your Troll's session/their role in it.


  • Veiara is a random name i made
  • Axelis comes from "Axe" which is linked to her symbol
  • Her Maid of Doom title was random at the begin, but at the end it's linked to her "ability" to screw up everything.
  • Her Trollian Handle basically means "the mystere of the warrior", "Arcane" was random but "Warrior" is linked to her VIOLENT personality and her attitude to FLARP

Special thanks to LunarSplendens for the sprite tweaking


  • Her original sprite

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