Kaelki Realta





Mage of Life


7.5 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

*Emphasis* with asterisks, frequent smilies c:, occasional missing punctuation



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Bubbles and Windows


Colors, patterns, textures



Your name is KAELKI REALTA.
You have a variety of INTERESTS which come in a variety of COLORS. You are fond of COLORS and your main hobbies would be WEAVING and SEWING, which people like to laugh at. You are not very FASHIONABLE yourself, but you thoroughly enjoy CREATING things. You also enjoy PAINTING, and you wish you could delve into BOTANY, but being nocturnal is somewhat limiting.
Your LUSUS is a MYTHICAL LONGNECK-HOOFBEAST with MYSTERIOUS POWERS. You are not even sure what the extent of his powers really are, but you do share his TELEPATHY. The only drawback is that your telepathy is SEND ONLY, so although you can communicate with your lusus fairly well, it is a bit USELESS with other people. Still, you don't complain. It's not like you deal with people very often. They think you're kind of WEIRD for liking colors so much.
Not only are you a NICE GUY, but you also find yourself among the LOWEST POSITIONS of the hemospectrum. It's a wonder why you haven't been CULLED yet. It's like they've FORGOTTEN about your existence or something. Not that you complain. You enjoy LIVING.
Your trolltag is weaverWitness and you like to find different ways to *express* yourself c:

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