A girl wakes up at 12am. The skies are jet black at the moment, but the stars are shimmering. The twilight still seems to last a long time.

But it just so happens today the 1st of October is this girls birthday. For 14 years, she was given hope. And now we must know her name.

Who is she?

Who is this girl?

==>> Pester your 'Troll-friend' [Act 1- Mind A]Edit

The session begins with Hier awakening from her nice relaxing sleep on her birthday. She was extremely exited that she became 14 because she's ready to get all the presents she wanted!

She awokened because her friend, Monoki accidentely pestered her on accident. She didn't mean to pester her in

Naegisprite: When dId I go-ot THESE pathetic ho-orns? That's co-ompletely messed up.

the middle of the night, unfortunately. She wanted to '5urpri5e her early before anyone could'.

But they both decided to play a game called 'Sburb' [Given to Hier for her Birthday] not only to have fun, but to get to know more of each other. Somehow, she had no idea how to install it, since she was too distracted on what she might create with everything Dangan Ronpa combined. But then stopped playing around to get to serious business.

While she didn't know what to do now, she was told that she has to make a sprite before the world would 'end'. She attempted to find the best item to prototype her sprite. But thus, accidentely bumped into a picture of an chibi ram and goat with angel wings, and created her own 'Ram-goatsprite', making her have a 'THE GREATEST IDEA NO ONE HAS BEVER [*Never] MEADE! [*Made] /(=0w0=)\'. Into action, she printed out a picture of Naegi [From Dangan Ronpa], turned it to a paper airplane, and threw it at her own sprite. This caused the sprite to become Naegisprite.

But the encounter went unwell. Why?

Because Monoki learned that Naegisprite and Hier had a huge intense fight since he claimed he looks like a sheep/goat hybrid with twisted horns. But then Hier finished off the argument saying that he looks fine just the way he is. She didn't talk to him for a while until he finally forgave her at the end of the countdown.

They both survived the game afterwards, for Hier had her world [Land of Bees and Gold] created...

But she had a feeling this place is the best place to hunt for gold.

==>> Monoki: Pro-ove them WRO-ONG. [Act 2- Mind B]Edit

Monoki entered the game early with her own 'Conarnsprite' she made during the session.

She attempted to

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