Tzadik Keizer





King of Breath


6.5 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

All caps, vertical line instead of the letter I, triple exclamation and question marks, shortens certain words (ex: really = rly).



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Canyons and Spikes


Food, being obeyed, chasing after things


Wearing shirts or shoes, refusal, smoke

Your name is TZADIK KEIZER.
You are somewhat of an oddity as a SEA DWELLER, as your LUSUS is in fact a type of FEATHERBEAST - one that can SWIM but not FLY. This causes you to surface quite often, but you don't COMPLAIN. You have better things to complain about, whenever the NEED arises. Thanks to him, you've grown accustomed to COLDER WATERS, although you reside in a WARMER area of the ocean.
Despite your HIGH STANDING on the hemospectrum, you don't care for blood color as long as people LISTEN TO YOUR WHIMS, be they red or blueblood. You are very WHIMSICAL and have a tendency to be MOODY and CAPRICIOUS. So really, you are basically a ROYAL BRAT. But you don't really care what people think. Why should you?
You were born with a STREAK OF HAIR in the color of your BLOOD, which you think of as a LUCKY CHARM. You CARVED your symbol into your FLESH not long ago because you have a strange AVERSION FOR SHIRTS. Yeah, you're kind of WEIRD, too. Your INTERESTS, by the way, consist of EATING, CHASING after other peoples' LUSII in order to CUDDLE THEM and REFLEXOLOGY. We don't know where that one comes from either.
Your trolltag is yellerReflex and YOU K|NDA TALK RLY LOUD!!!

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