Vullae Calidu
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Vullae Calidu


Yellow blooded Landdweller (#a1a100)

Typing Quirk


Fetch Modus

Guess Who

Strife Specibus

Macekind, Canekind, Needlekind


Weaselfox Mom(Lusus, deceased), Captiosu Puellula(Ancestor, deceased), Nyfits Alepou(Dancestor, deceased)

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Land of ? and ?

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?




Reader: Be the Tattletale

You are now VULLAE CALIDU, and you HATE, HATE, HATE everyone! You now happen to be DEAD, although you don't see what THE BIG DEAL IS. You are one of MANY YELLOW-BLOODS in the HEMOSPECTRUM, and the sad part about it is, YOUR QUADRANTS ARE NOW EMPTY. You USED to have your CALIGINOUS QUADRANT filled, but now you're ALL BY YOUR LONESOME. You don't mind this, of course, but it gets BORING when no one is around to TROLL.

You usually only think OF YOUR OWN SURVIVAL, but then again, it doesn't hurt to BE NICE EVERY ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE. Maybe if you weren't so DEFENSIVE about your BLOOD COLOR, then maybe it wouldn't be SO HARD for you to MAKE BETTER AQUAINTENCES. You'll never admit this, but sometimes you have to wonder how you've SURVIVED THIS HELLHOLE OF A LIFE. Instead, you choose to be PRIDEFUL and RATHER APATHETIC towards the issue, which can give others the impression of being A TOTAL SOFTIE. Your PSYCHIC ABILITIES can PROVE OTHERWISE, but you brush it off like it's nothing and GO WITH THE ASSUMPTION.


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